How do I opt out of UTM dental plan?

To opt out of the UTM dental plan, you must provide proof of alternate coverage before the deadline. The deadline for opting out may vary depending on your program and enrollment status. You can opt-out online or by submitting a form with proof of alternate coverage, such as a copy of your existing dental insurance policy. Kindly contact UTM student services or visit their website for more information.

Does York University have dental insurance?

Yes! York University provides dental insurance through the StudentCare network. The coverage generally includes a range of preventative and general dental services. Services typically include checkups, cleanings, fillings, crowns, and coverage for medically necessary oral surgeries. The cost of dental insurance is usually incorporated into student fees, and you may be eligible to opt out if you possess alternate coverage.

How Does StudentCare Work?

StudentCare is a network that delivers health and dental insurance coverage to students at numerous post-secondary institutions across Canada. By collaborating with insurance providers, StudentCare offers comprehensive and cost-effective coverage for various healthcare services, including dental care. Specific coverage and insurance costs may depend on the institution and program.

I am a student living in another province outside of Ontario. Do my UTM health and dental plans work?

UTM health and dental plans may not apply to students outside Ontario, and policies will vary depending on the particular plan. We recommend you consult your insurance provider or UTM student services to verify your coverage. This will prevent unexpected out-of-pocket costs, as some UTM health and dental plans might only cover dental services in Ontario.

I am an international student. What is UHIP?

UHIP stands for University Health Insurance Plan. It is mandatory for all international students and is a health insurance plan that provides basic health coverage to international students studying in Ontario. Services covered include doctor visits, hospitalization, and emergency medical services. As some UHIP plans may offer limited coverage for dental emergencies, we'd recommend checking in with your student services to verify your coverage.

How can I get dental insurance through my university?

To enquire about details regarding dental insurance through your university, contact your institution's student services or visit their website to explore available dental insurance options. Most universities provide dental insurance plans in partnership with insurance providers or through programs like the StudentCare network. Coverage and insurance costs may vary depending on the institution and program, so verify with the relevant parties.

How do I submit a dental claim?

Nowadays, you can typically submit dental claims online, but the preferred method of claims may vary depending on your insurance provider. When submitting a claim, you'll need to provide relevant information like the dental office's information, the service date, and the type of procedure performed. A receipt or other proof of payment may also be required when submitting a claim, so be sure to cross-check your provider's requirements.

What if my health card is expired or I don't have a health card?

In general, having a valid health card is required to receive medical treatment but policies regarding access to healthcare services may vary depending on the province. If your health card is expired, you may be required to pay out-of-pocket. International students with UHIP coverage should have access to medical treatment regardless of their health card status, but dental coverage may not be included under UHIP.

How do I book my appointment?

Contact our dental office directly or through our website to arrange a dental appointment. We offer online booking options but also allow our patients to call in to schedule their appointment. You should come in for a checkup once every six months, so make full use of your coverage by visiting our dental clinic.

What if my treatment is going to exceed $300.00?

If your treatment surpasses $300.00, you may need to cover the additional costs out of pocket or consult your insurance provider about alternative coverage options. Some insurance plans have maximum coverage limits or may restrict coverage to specific dental services, so reviewing your coverage with your provider is highly advised to ensure there aren't any unexpected costs before proceeding with your dental treatment.