Teeth Whitening in Mississauga, ON

Years of indulging in your favourite brand of coffee can result in a stained smile. Smoking, indulging in dark-coloured foods and drinks, the natural ageing process, and certain medications are other factors that can cause tooth discolouration.

If you’re struggling with a stained or discoloured smile, help is on the way. Teeth whitening in Mississauga, ON is an effective, tried-and-tested cosmetic procedure that promises instant results. So whether you’re dealing with slight staining or severe discolouration, you can count on his highly sought-after cosmetic procedure to transform your smile.

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Benefits of Whiter Teeth

A whiter, brighter smile is beneficial in numerous ways. For starters, a stunning white smile is aesthetically superior to a stained smile. In simpler terms, a whiter smile makes you look and feel better.

When you feel more confident in your smile, you’re likely to smile more readily, which makes you come across as self-assured, warm, and friendly. As such, you’re likely to win friends and allies more easily on social and professional fronts.

In summary, a whiter smile can change your life dramatically and empower you to show up in the world as your best self.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

To undergo teeth whitening in Mississauga, ON, our dentists must first evaluate your suitability for this procedure. Teeth whitening is safe for adults of all ages. However, you must be in excellent oral health. If you have ongoing dental health challenges such as cavities, gum disease, mouth sores, or other issues, the Mississauga dentist will postpone the whitening procedure to a future date.

To perform a teeth whitening procedure, the dentist first cleans your teeth to remove plaque. The dentist then notes the shade of your smile to determine the degree of whitening required.

The Mississauga dentist keeps the gums and lips out of the way using retractors. Finally, the dentist applies the whitening product to your teeth, keeps it on for about fifteen minutes, and then rinses it off. The dentist reapplies the product multiple times until the teeth achieve their desired color.

After the final rinse, our dentists apply fluoride varnish to safeguard your teeth against sensitivity.

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