Sedation Dentistry in Mississauga, ON

Our team of dentists at Sherwood Forrest Dental is committed to providing gentle dental care to every patient. In addition to ensuring that your time in our office is calm and caring, we also provide sedation dentistry. If you’ve been searching for sedation dentistry near you from a dentist our dentists are here to provide the services you need in the comfort of our dental clinic in Mississauga, ON.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

There are two main types of sedation dentistry used in modern dental care. These are oral sedation and IV sedation. Oral sedation is most commonly used to help control dental anxiety, whereas IV sedation is most often used when surgical procedures, such as wisdom tooth extraction. IV sedation is sometimes used during emergency dentistry in Mississauga, ON when urgent procedures require immediate treatment. Other examples of when sedation dentistry might be used, in addition to dental anxiety and emergency dentistry, include:

  • Dental implant procedures
  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Bone grafts
  • Dental pathology
  • Periodontal treatments

Our dentists and their teams know that every patient is unique concerning their dental history. Some of you reading this may have had negative experiences in the past. You may now be hesitant to receive the treatment you need because of the anxiety that resulted from that care. Rest assured that our team of dentists knows how stressful any dental experience can be and are committed to ensuring that your time spent in our Mississauga dental clinic is one of calmness.

Free Second Opinions – Make an Appointment Today

If you’ve been delaying treatment that you’ve been told you need because you’re concerned about the necessity of the procedure or the discomfort of the treatment, please make an appointment with Sherwood Forrest Dental for a free second opinion today. During that consultation, our Mississauga dentist can provide additional information about the types of sedation dentistry we offer and how we can use them if treatment is ultimately performed. We look forward to meeting you soon.