Oral Cancer Screenings in Mississauga, ON

Mouth cancer causes difficulties during swallowing and chewing. It can also impact your speech and cause emotional and overall well-being challenges. Fortunately, mouth cancer is treatable. When detected in good time, oral cancer can be managed via radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and targeted drug therapy.

The best approach to dealing with oral cancer is prevention. At Sherwood Forrest Dental, we encourage our patients to schedule regular oral cancer screenings to allow our dentists to catch oral cancer in its earliest stages. If you’re interested in oral cancer screenings in Mississauga, ON, please call us to schedule an evaluation with our dentist in Mississauga, ON.

Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

Oral cancer symptoms can take years to develop. That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to your dental health and get in touch with your dentists if you detect any concerning signs.

Common oral cancer symptoms include:

  • Painful, persistent mouth sores
  • Bad breath
  • Lumps in the mouth and neck areas
  • White or red patches
  • Loose teeth
  • Persistent mouth or ear pain

What to Expect

Oral cancer screenings near you involve inspecting the oral cavity for the symptoms mentioned in the previous section. In addition, our dentists also use oral cancer screening dye or light to highlight any cancerous cells that may be present in your oral cavity.

If troubling signs are detected, the dentist may order or perform a biopsy test. A biopsy test involves obtaining cells or tissue from a part of the body and then examining the cells under a microscope. Only a biopsy test can definitively identify or rule out oral cancer, as oral cancer screenings aren’t diagnostic.

If cancer is detected, our dentists up with a treatment plan to guide you to good health and well-being. If no issues are identified during your screening appointment, then it assures you that you’re in excellent oral health.

We encourage individuals who score highly on oral cancer risk factors to be particularly vigilant when scheduling regular screenings. Such risk factors include a family or personal history of cancer, excessive smoking, diagnosis of the human papillomavirus, and excessive sun exposure.

To enjoy comprehensive oral cancer screenings in Mississauga, ON, please call Sherwood Forrest Dental and book an appointment with our dentist in Mississauga, ON for an oral cancer screenings test.