Dental Crowns in Mississauga, ON

A dental crown is a custom cover for a tooth. Dental crowns are made from a patient’s dental impressions and may be manufactured from different materials, including zirconia, stainless steel, metal alloy, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and composite resin.

If you have damaged teeth that require aesthetic and functional restoration, our team of dentists may recommend getting dental crowns in Mississauga, ON. It takes two dental visits to get dental crowns. However, with the advent of same-day dentistry, some patients can get same-day ceramic crowns within a single appointment.

Dental crowns and other forms of personalized restorative dentistry treatments are available at Sherwood Forrest Dental to patients of all ages.

When Do You Require Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns in Mississauga, ON restore teeth after various types of damage. Our Mississauga dentists may recommend dental crowns for any of the below reasons:

  • To reinstate the function and appearance of a severely decayed tooth.
  • To enhance the aesthetics of a discoloured tooth.
  • To cover a large tooth filling.
  • To transform a worn or misshapen tooth.
  • To cap a tooth implant and replace a missing tooth.
  • To protect a damaged or decayed tooth after root canal treatment.
  • To anchor a dental bridge.

Dental Crowns Treatment Procedure

On your first visit, our dentists examine the tooth that requires a dental crown. Then, X-rays are obtained, and prerequisite treatments, e.g. tooth filling and root canal therapy, are performed.

Next, the dentist prepares the tooth by reshaping the tooth enamel to make room for the custom crown. The amount of tooth trimming required depends on your preferred dental crown. For instance, metal crowns are thinner and require less enamel removal. Porcelain crowns, in contrast, require more extensive enamel reshaping.

Next, the dentist obtains your dental impressions and shares these with the dental lab. In the meantime, the dentist covers your tooth using a temporary crown.

On your subsequent visit, the dentist removes the temporary restoration and replaces it with a permanent crown.

Same-day crowns follow the same workflow, except the process is made much faster thanks to computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM). CAD/CAM allows the dentist in Mississauga, ON to obtain digital impressions and share these instantly with the milling unit, which creates custom crowns within minutes.

If you plan on getting dental crowns in Mississauga, ON to transform your smile, please call Sherwood Forrest Dental today.