Dental Bridges in Mississauga, ON

A bridge is a custom dental prosthesis consisting of pontic teeth supported by adjacent teeth. Dental bridges in Mississauga, ON close the gaps created by missing teeth and can replace one to four teeth.

If you’ve recently suffered tooth loss, our Mississauga dentist recommends looking into missing teeth replacement options as a matter of urgency. Unaddressed tooth loss has long-lasting detrimental effects on an individual’s oral and overall well-being. Some impacts of tooth loss include compromised chewing ability, speech difficulties, bite problems and heightened self-consciousness.

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Types of Bridges

Conventional bridges consist of pontic teeth supported by two anchor teeth, each on either side of the missing teeth gap. To receive traditional bridges, you must have two healthy teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. If conventional bridges aren’t suitable for you, our dentists may recommend Maryland-bonded, cantilever, or implant-supported bridges.

Maryland-bonded bridges are also supported by two anchor teeth. However, unlike conventional bridges, which use dental crowns for support, Maryland bridges rely on porcelain or metal wings. These are attached to the lingual side or underside of the anchor teeth. Since they don’t require crowns, Maryland bridges don’t involve extensive reshaping of adjacent teeth.

Cantilever bridges consist of a single anchor tooth. A cantilever bridge is used if there’s only one healthy anchor tooth adjacent to the missing tooth. However, a cantilever bridge may not be ideal for replacing molars and premolars as it can exert excessive chewing pressure on a single tooth.

Implant-supported bridges are supported by artificial tooth roots or dental implants. Our dentists typically recommend implant-retained teeth for patients who don’t have healthy, natural teeth to support the dental restorations.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

If you’re considering dental bridges in Mississauga, ON, you’ll likely be pleased to know about the key benefits of these restorations, which include:

  • Bridges restore your chewing ability.
  • They prevent bite collapse or the sunken facial appearance associated with tooth loss.
  • They allow you to enunciate words correctly. Missing teeth can impede your speech.
  • You can get your dental bridges within two visits.
  • They prevent remaining teeth from drifting into the spaces created by missing teeth.

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