Root Canal Treatment For Sensitive Teeth in Mississauga

Root Canal Treatment For Sensitive Teeth in Mississauga

August 16, 2021

Our oral health consists of gums, teeth, and mouth that aid us in speaking, chewing, and smiling. It is important to maintain our oral health and take a closer look at what is happening in our mouth to avoid infection and oral health problems. On most occasions, people experience oral health problems due to multiple reasons, such as poor oral hygiene and poor food choices. When people neglect their oral health, they will more likely to develop oral health problems caused by bacteria and infections. Moreover, when bacteria have already infected your teeth, they will rapidly progress into more serious health problems such as cavities and periodontal diseases resulting in tooth extraction. When multiple tooth extraction happens because of oral problems, it will lead to edentulism, commonly known as toothless. Retaining our dental health as we age is difficult, but it should not be impossible with all the dental treatments still continuously progressing.

What is root canal therapy, and how does it help our oral health?

Root canal therapy is a restorative dental treatment that aims to save your natural tooth by removing the infected pulp that causes your discomfort and facial pain. A root canal treatment is a major dental treatment that can last up to thirty to sixty minutes of dental work, depending on the affected area. Root canal therapy aims to save your natural teeth and prevent tooth extraction, leading to bone loss. Below are the benefits of having a root canal treatment.

  • Prevents gap in between the tooth
  • Keeps your natural tooth intact
  • Stops discomfort

Treatments such as root canal might effectively retain your natural teeth and your jawbone structure, but there is no such thing as perfect treatment. Root canal therapy can lessen the quality of your teeth because the procedure requires a little removal of the dentin, making it more vulnerable to becoming weak. However, the bottom line of root canal treatment is to keep your natural teeth as much as possible to avoid edentulism.

What happens in root canal therapy?

When your Mississauga Dentist advises you to do root canal therapy, here are the usual steps that your dentist follows to give you the treatment effectively:

  • X-Ray – Your dentist will first tell you to have a dental X-Ray to identify the affected area.
  • Anaesthesia – Your dentist will apply anaesthesia before the procedure to ensure that you are relaxing while the procedure is still ongoing.
  • Pulpectomy – The pulpectomy procedure will start after the anaesthesia is applied. A pulpectomy is when the dentist will remove the infected or damaged pulp. The procedure will remove a little dentin to make room for the pulp to show up.
  • Filling – After a Mississauga Dentist does the procedure, the dentist will fill the affected hole to close the area where the pulp has been harvested to prevent infections and to keep your tooth as naturally as it can be.

Root Canal therapy in Mississauga can vary depending on which part of your mouth is affected. Our team prioritizes giving you quality care and comfort for an affordable price. Let us help you avail your treatment with our payment options.

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