Restorative Solutions

Restorative Solutions

At Sherwood Dental, we believe that there is no perfect alternative to your own natural teeth. Therefore, we try our best to save even the most grossly damaged teeth. Some of the restorative solutions offered at our practice include:

Dental Fillings

Teeth cavities not only affect your smile and facial esthetics, but they may also cause difficulty in eating and speaking. Therefore, at Sherwood Forest Dental, we will restore damaged teeth with tooth-colored filling materials so that you can enjoy a beautiful and confident smile, and to prevent further progression of the teeth cavities.

Crowns, Inlays/Onlays

Crowns, inlays, and Onlays are indirect restorations that are prepared in the laboratory and then placed over damaged teeth to restore their aesthetics, structure, and function. A crown is a cap-shaped structure made of porcelain, which rests on the entire visible portion of the tooth and reinforces the tooth structure. Inlays and Onlays are also indirect appliances that are placed on the biting surfaces of teeth. Since the crowns, inlays, and Onlays are made in the dental laboratory, they are stronger and more durable than direct fillings. At Sherwood Forest Dental, we recommend crowns, inlays or inlays for the restoration of grossly damaged teeth.