Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

We all love our kids! And we believe that they deserve our special attention.

For almost every kid, a visit to the dentist’s office is nothing short of a nightmare! But not at Sherwood Forest Dental. We understand that children need to be handled gently and lovingly, and we also understand that your child’s physical health and well being is directly linked with his or her oral health. The oral hygiene habits that your child will learn during the early years of life, will go a long way in ensuring that they remain healthy and active in later years. Hence, our team strives to make dental treatment an enjoyable experience for your kids. At Sherwood Forest Dental, we do this by providing a friendly, relaxing and soothing environment for your kids. We have designed a dedicated cartoon themed operatory room, where your child can enjoy his or her favorite cartoons while we make sure that they have strong, healthy and beautiful teeth.

At each checkup visit, Dr. Syeda Amina R. Bukhari. D.D.S will examine your child’s teeth to ensure that there are no underlying dental problems. We will also closely monitor the tooth eruption timetable of your child, and ensure that each permanent tooth erupts on time, and at the right position and angulation. Some children tend todevelop habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, which can damage their teeth. Dr. Syeda Amina R. Bukhari. D.D.S closely observes the presence of these habits in your child and if necessary, will recommend habit-breaking appliances that will gradually helpyour child in overcoming these potentially dangerous habits.

In addition to this, we will also counsel the children and their parents regarding the best oral hygiene practices such as the right method to brush their teeth, and information regarding foods which are good for your child’s dental and physical health.

If you have an apprehensive or uncooperative child who refuses to go to the dentist’s office, then no to worry! Our staff and dentists at Sherwood Forest Dental have undergone training to take care of uncooperative children. Thanks to our friendly and caring team, you will feel that your child has become more cooperative, and actually looks forward to the next dental checkup visit.