Determining Whether You Need a Tooth Filling

Determining Whether You Need a Tooth Filling

September 1, 2022

If you dislike dental visits and don’t maintain appropriate oral hygiene, consider yourself in a spot because you probably have dental decay that might have caused substantial damage to your teeth. Trying to determine whether you need tooth fillings or trying to find cavities on your teeth merely by looking at them is challenging and is best managed by a dental professional with adequate training and experience to identify trouble spots in your mouth.

The lack of appropriate dental hygiene and professional care makes you vulnerable to receiving tooth decay treatment that would have developed over time. Dental plaque accumulates on your teeth and attracts your mouth bacteria to deposit acids causing enamel erosion and penetrating the dentin beneath until it reaches the soft center of your tooth, home to the dental pulp.

Dentists besides the Canadian dental Association recommend six-monthly exams and cleanings of your teeth to identify dental decay, periodontal disease, and other conditions that wreak havoc with your dental and overall health. As you have overlooked the advice and are looking for methods to determine whether you need tooth fillings, let us provide some basic guidelines to identify holes in your teeth.

Noticeable Signs Indicating the Need for Fillings in Teeth

Some signs that indicate you need dental fillers include dark spots on your teeth, holes you feel on notice in them, a specific tooth trapping food particles persistently, a chipped or broken tooth, and lost or damaged fillings if you have them.

If you have a fractured tooth, it is also a sign that you need fillings in your teeth. Tooth fractures are safe spots for mouth bacteria to penetrate your tooth and create cavities. However, if you notice the fracture immediately after an impact on your mouth, you can get appropriate treatment for the condition before the bacteria in your mouth moves towards it because you receive preventive care.

Besides the above, if toothaches constantly bother you, it indicates that you need fillers. If your diet consists of sticky, sugary, and starchy foods, rest assured that your mouth bacteria would have penetrated your teeth and damaged them substantially.

These noticeable signs don’t allow you to identify holes between your teeth or early decay. You need help from a dental professional with the training and experience to determine whether and where you need fillings in your teeth.

Actions to Adopt with the above Symptoms

You have two options before you if you experience the above symptoms. You can either ignore your dental health or arrange a meeting with dental fillings in Mississauga, ON, to determine whether you need tooth restorations. If you decide on the latter, call them immediately to make the necessary arrangements.

Expectations During Your Meeting with the Dentist?

Do not expect the dentist in Mississauga, ON to merely look to treat cavities. Instead, anticipate receiving a thorough cleaning of your teeth when the dental hygienist removes plaque buildup and tartar on your teeth and between them. Expect an x-ray to reveal how many cavities you have and the severity of the damage in your mouth. X-rays also help reveal broken and fractured teeth also needing fillers.

After a comprehensive exam and cleaning, the dentist will discuss the treatments you must receive to restore your teeth and make them functional. They also recommend specific types of fillers depending on the location of the damage and its severity. For example, if you have severe damage to a significant portion of tooth structure missing, dentists might recommend indirect fillings requiring two visits to receive them. Fortunately, if the cavity is minor, the dentist recommends metal or composite resin fillings to restore teeth.

The Tooth Restoration Process

Restoring your teeth with tiny cavities is straightforward and completed by the dentist in approximately 30 minutes per hole. First, you receive anesthetics near the affected tooth and gums before the dentist starts drilling the tooth to remove the pollution. After removing all decay in the tooth, the dentist cleans and disinfects it to prepare it for the filler. Finally, dentists restore the tooth with the material you want according to your budget and personal preferences.

Instead of wondering how you can determine whether you need fillings, wouldn’t you find it beneficial to care for your oral hygiene as your dentist in Mississauga, ON recommends by brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing them at least once and staying away from sticky and starchy foods preferring instead a healthy diet to provide your teeth the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy? We ar confident you will find the suggestions financially beneficial and consider incorporating them immediately.

Finally, let us provide you with another suggestion to forget your fear of dentists and start visiting them every six months to help you determine the need for fillings or receive a treatment plan to ensure you don’t confront any challenges with your teeth.

If you need fillings on your teeth, Sherwood Forrest Dental can provide them to restore your dental health. Therefore we suggest you call them to arrange a meeting and understand whether your teeth are healthy or need dental fillings today.