Pediatric Dentistry

A period of life from birth to the adolescence is probably the most important one with regard to a person’s health…

It is recommended to have child’s first dental examination at the age of one. We can tell you about your child’s oral health at an early age to avoid dental problems when they are toddlers. We can also tell you how to transition from bottle to sippy cup or how long babies should use pacifiers. It is highly beneficial to catch decay children teeth as it spreads through primary teeth faster than permanent teeth. We can also check for potential bite issues which may require orthodontic intervention.

It’s important for children to have positive dental experiences at an early age so that they can develop healthy oral habits for life. It is beneficial to take care of the baby teeth so the adult teeth can erupt in a healthy and clean mouth.

We offer dental care for children of all ages and we can guide you on how to make brushing fun for the kids. Our Dental team is highly trained in handling children of all ages and making their dental visit comfortable and fun.


Call us to book an appoint for your child and you would be glad you did!