Additional Treatments

Anxiety Management

At Sherwood Forest Dental, we understand that a lot of people avoid dental treatment just because they are afraid or anxious about visiting the dental office. Therefore, we ensure that we maintain a calm, peaceful and relaxing environment during your treatment so that you can relax while we fix your teeth and restore your smile. Dr. Syeda Amina R. Bukhari. D.D.S has also undergone specialized training for the management of extremely apprehensive and frightened patients. We will try our best to make your dental treatment an enjoyable experience at Sherwood Forest Dental.

Sports Mouthguards

Mouthguards and removable appliances like the retainers, which are worn to prevent your teeth and other dental structures from accidental injury or damaged while you’re involved in contact sports such as football, rugby soccer or boxing. While ready-made mouthguards are available in the market, they are not as effective in protecting your teeth and smile than the custom-made mouthguards prepared at Sherwood Forest Dental.


Tooth grinding during sleep is a very common habit, which not only leads to teeth cavities and periodontal problems, but it can also make your teeth weak and sensitive. Therefore, Dr. Syeda Amina R. Bukhari. D.D.S recommends nightguards for patients to have a habit of excessively grinding their teeth during sleep. However, nightguards offer only symptomatic treatment. It is essential that the underlying cause of night-time tooth grinding be diagnosed and managed properly to prevent permanent damage to your teeth and other dental structures.